Dieter De Lathauwer
Visual arts :: photography


This project is as much an image of the Belgian landscape and its urbanization as it is an inventory of Belgian nightclubs. In the 80'-90's people came from allover Europe to Belgium to the nightclubs, Ten thousands of teenagers weekend after weekend seeking an escape from everyday annoyance with beats beats beats. The newspapers only were interested in drugs, violence, annoyance for the neighbours. Cherry moon, Illusion, Carat, Extreme, La rocca, Boccaccio, Fuse, Balmoral, Lagoa, and many others. The images in this book document the dancings, places where you can go clubbing only in weekends at night. They document the landscape and the urban integration, the building styles, the mystery
The artist visited over 100 clubs allover Belgium. 
This publication is a condensed version of 15 images.

Cover text by Tom Viaene.

Self-Published in 2013. ISBN 9789082121704
22 x 28 cm • offset printed • irregular accordeon fold • 24 pages • 15 images.
Total edition of 250, all numbered. First 69 are the special edition and come with a print, folder and sleeve.
Photography & concept: Dieter De Lathauwer
Design: Nick Lambrecht
Printing: Stevens Print (Merelbeke, Belgium)

First 69 copies come in a white silkscreened sleeve, with an archival quality inkjet print on heavey stock paper (310 g).
The image of the print is of the Cherry Moon, a famous club, which is not prevalent in the regular edition.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Last copies available. 
These last copies also come with a small print of Zillion.

ISBN 9789082121711

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