Dieter De Lathauwer
Visual arts :: photography



_ Introduction to the work.
In the 80'-90's clubs, dancings, discotheques were booming thanks to house music. Ten thousands of teenagers enjoyed and lost themselves weekend after weekend. Seeking an escape from everyday annoyance with beats beats beats. The newspapers were interested in drugs, violence, annoyance for the neighbours. For them and for alot of people it was gomorra. Belgium, only 300k square kilometer, contained a dense network of legendary clubs with international deejays. People came from allover Europe to Belgium. Cherry moon, Illusion, Carat, Extreme, La rocca, Boccaccio, Fuse, Balmoral, Lagoa, and many others. Today dancingland is on its decline. the images in this book document the dancings, places where you can go clubbing only in weekends at night. They document the landscape and the urban integration, the building styles, the mystery.

_ Selection of images


Book // dummy

_ Wall views / installation

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