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I LOVED MY WIFE (killing children is good for the economy)

A touching photobook on one of the saddest pages in the second world war in Europe: the organised killing of tens of thousands of children and adults in hospitals and psychiatric institutions for the sake of saving money. This was labelled as Aktion T4 and the term “euthanasia” and “mercy killing” was used.
The artist visited 16 of these sites in Austria and made in situ images of the grounds and buildings. He combined this with fascinating stills from propaganda movies  promoting the idea of forced euthanasia and with two digital collages of responsibles.

The result is a dark poetic view on Austria and Europe. At the same time the individual images come without explanation in order to manipulate  - like propaganda - how the reader reads the image based on assocations he makes. Every image is true, but will often read in a wrong way.

With texts from Joachim Naudts, curator of the FoMu (museum of photography, Antwerp, Belgium), Dr. Erik Thys (Museum Dr. Ghuislain) and Dr. Herwig Czech (University of Vienna).

Published in 2017 by Lecturis. ISBN 978-94-6226-220-1

Softcover book with booklet in a two-pocket folder.
Every book is manually finished by the artist: signing of a red cross on the cover (red crosses were used to indicate patients to be eliminated), stamp on the booklet.
112 pages, 61 images + booklet (24 pages)
20 × 25 cm 

Photography & concept: Dieter De Lathauwer
Design: Dieter De Lathauwer & Nick Lambrecht
Prepress: Sebastiaan Hanekroot
Printing: Wilco Art Books (Netherlands)

by Robin Titchener: here.
by Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche: here.
by Conscientious Photography Magazine here.
by GUP Magazine here


Grand Prix Photofestival Lodz, Poland, 2018, finalist.

Boutographies fotofestival Montpellier France 2018, finalist.

Best photobook of 2017 according to Mark Power (Magnum),
Tamara Berghmans (Museum of Photography Antwerp), Robin Thitchener (collector), Gabriela Cendoya (collector), Viory Schellekens (collector), Olmo Gonzalez Moriana (organisator Fiebre festival Spain) and Tono Arias (bookshop).

Longlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2018.

Photobook Author Award 2017, Arles, shortlist.

Best photobooks of the Year 2017, Kassel Photobookfestival.

Winner of the Unseen Dummy Award 2016, Amsterdam.

DocField Dummy Award Barcelona - special mention of the jury.

Kassel Dummy Awards - shortlist.

Riga Dummy Award 2017, finalist. recommended.
Jörg Colberg review: recommended.

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