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Dieter De Lathauwer is a photographer who moves on the line between ratio and emotion, between document and poetry.

The rational starting points of his series probably come from his background as engineer and from being an environmental policy expert.

As an artist he loves to visually explore specific places chosen on the basis of issues in our society and history. Examples are killing people to save the social security, dark tourism, pushing away nightclubs, economic crisis, etc. The rendering is either focussing on the landscape as a whole, or focussing on found shapes and compositions.

The quiet night is his favourite part the day.

His images are often silent and deprived of human figures, with a lot of attention to composition. He loves to play with the ambiguity of a photograph. Europe is his playground, the photobook his passion.

Dieter De Lathauwer graduated in 2005 at the Academy of Art Photography in Ghent after his master as a construction engineer. He has had several solo and group exhibitions, mostly in Belgium but also in the UK, France, Poland and in Japan.

His book "I loved my wife" was winner of the Unseen Dummy Award in 2016, shortlisted for the Arles Photobook Award and ended up in several international Best Photobooks of 2017 lists, e.g. of the Kassel Photobook Award.

Dieter De Lathauwer lives in Ghent, Belgium and loves a good laugh.

Awards & nominations
2022 • It didn’t take me long (...) selected for the Belgian event on photobooks in Arles 2022.
2019 • Foto Wien Photobook Award - shortlisted. Austria.
2018 • Grand Prix Fotofestival Lodz - finalist. Lodz, Poland.
2018 • Boutographies - finalist. Montpellier, France.
2018 • Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize. Longlist.

2017 • Arles Photobook 2017 Award - shortlist
2017 • Kassel Photobook Award 2017 - expert selection
2016 • Unseen Dummy Award Amsterdam (I loved my wife) - winner
2016 • .TIFF selection by the Museum of Photography Antwerp (10 promising photographers in Belgium)
2016 • DocField Dummy Award Barcelona (I loved my wife) > special mention of the jury
2016 • Dummybook Festival Kassel (I loved my wife) > shortlist
2016 • Dummy award Riga Self-Publish (I loved my wife) > finalist

2015 • Stadsfotograaf Antwerpen
2014 • Lensculture Exposure Award > finalist
2012 • Bozar Photography Award (Palace of Fine Arts Brussels) > winner


. Nightlife. CCHA, Hasselt, Belgium. Group exhibition
en toch is ook de nacht niet uitzichtloos zolang er sneeuw ligt

. Das Fest / in a landscape. Gent, Belgium. Group exhibition with Dirk Braeckman, Sybren Van Overberghe, ...
. Swimming Taco Salad. Morbee Gallery, Knokke, Belgium. Group exhibition 
U bent hier.

. I loved my wife. Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgium. Permanent collection

. Photobook Belge. Fomu museum of photography, Antwerp, Belgium. Group exhibition on the belgian photobook.
. Foto Wien. Photobook award, Austria.Group exhibition on the photobook.
. Arles, projection.
. I loved my wife. Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgium. Group exhibition / Permanent collection

. I loved my wife. Fotofestival Lodz. Lodz, Poland.
. I loved my wife. Boutographies - finalist. Montpellier, France.

. I loved my wife (model of an exhibition at scale 1:20). Land van Fotografie, Gent.
. I loved my wife (box with a handmade miniature version of book). Museum of the Photography of Brussels. Recyclart, Brussels. Group show. This travelling exhibition has been on show in different museums, festivals and street corners allover Europe since then.
. I loved my wife. Solo show. Botanique, Brussels.
. Throw your hand in the circle. City photographer of the city Antwerp. Group show at MAS, Antwerp.

. Wewantosee. Group exhibition • Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.
. Die van Aalst. Group exhibition. CC Belgica.
. De lichte kamer. Group exhibition with Filip Dujardin, Gert Jochems, ... • Brussels / Huis van de Raad van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.

. Photo London group exhibition Lens Exposure Award
. Conversation Rooms • Zebra, Ghent. Installation of BAIT (projection+sound)

. Appearances • 44 Gallery, Brugge. With Annelies de Mey.
. Today is not a lucky day for you • Treepoint, Ghent. With Jerry Heymans.
. Appearances / Today is not a good day for you • CCHA, Hasselt.

. Nightlife • Studio, Antwerp. As part of the Redbull Nightvision exhibition.
. Sado • 44 Gallery, Brugge.

. Stilstand • Galerie Satellite, Luik
. Dare to say you don’t know and find yourself in front of obstacles • In-Between gallery. Brussels. text
. Untitled • Palace of Fine Arts BOZAR Summer of Photography – Sense of Place: European Landscape Photography.
. Photofestival Knokke • Knokke. Group exhibition.
. Wonderful World • Gallery 44, Brugge. Group exhibition. With Max Pinckers, Rob Hornstra, Titus Simoens, Athos Burez, Anoek Steketee, Herman Van den Boom.
. Landscape night • Recyclart, Brussels. Group exhibition.

. Stilstand • 44Gallery, Brugge.

. Introduction à l'aventure du rêve lucide • Museum of Photography, FoMu, Antwerp. With Titus Simoens.
. Paysages fictionnels • CC Jacques Franc, Brussels. Group exhibition. With Karin Borghouts, Marc Wendelski, Wouter .

. A Horse with no name, curated by Christoph Ruys • Huis van Winckel, Dendermonde. Group exhibition. With Michèle Matyn, Isabelle Pateer, Titus Simoens, …
. Canvascollectie • Palace of Fine Arts BOZAR, Brussels. Group exhibition.
. Samples / photolimits • André Demedtshuis, Waregem. Group exhibition.
Books and printed matter
2022 • It didn’t take me long to realize the escape, once again, wouldn’t work. Published by VOID. 
2022 • 2nd semester, by The Eriskay Connection
2017 • I loved my wife. Published by Lecturis. ISBN 9789462262201.
2013 • Nightlife. Self-published. ISBN 9789082121704.
2013 • Sado / poster booklet.  Self-published.

Books with contributions of me
2019 • Photobook Belge. Catalogue of the Belgian photobook by the Museum of Photography. ISBN 978 94 9267 788 4  click here
2019 • Op losse schroeven. Museum Dr. Guislain Gent & Hannibal, 2019. ISBN 9789463887052
2017 • De Stadsfotograaf Antwerpen. ISBN 9789085867401.  click here
2015 • De Adelaar van Benidorm. ISBN 9789089243300. click here
2010 • Catalogue Canvascollectie. ISBN 9789020989854. click here

Lectures and other stuff
2022 • Kunstenaar in huis. Amarant. Talk.
2022 • Member of the graduation jury at the Academie of Arts, Photography, Ghent. With Kaat Pype.
2018 • Member of the graduation jury for the Masters at the KASK Royal Academy of Photography, Ghent. With Rein Deslé (Fomu), Teju Cole and Eva Wittocx.
2018 • Portfolio reviewer at the Academy of Brasschaat, Belgium.
2017 • De Donkere Kamer event Leuven - artist talk / interview format
2017 • Artist talk in the Fomu, museum of photography during the Photo Book Week, Belgium
2017 • Artist talk and portfolio reviewer at the Royal Academy of Arts, Ghent
2017 • Workshop in Ghent, Belgium. On request of mentormentor.
2017 • Presentation on I loved my wife at Brugge Photo 2016 (other presentations by Carl De Keyzer, Franky Verdickt, Jasper Rigole a.o.
2017 • Portfolio reviewer at Brugge Photo 2016 (with John Vink, Jan Desloover, a.o.)
2016 • Short talk about my project I loved my wife, Fomu Museum of Photography, Antwerp and at the Photobookfestival Liège.
2016 • Talk about the creation process of my dummy book I loved my wife, Photobookfestival, Liège.
2015 • Mentor of a photography student’s graduation project, Ghent.
2014 • Mentor of a student’s graduation photography bookproject, Ghent.
2014 • Lecturer at Autofocus, Vormingplus, Kortrijk.
2013 • Member of the jury at the Academy of Arts, Ghent.
2012 • Inbetween Workshop organiser with Franky Verdickt, Brussels.
2012 • Talk about my works. Centrum voor Beeldexpressie, Brugge.
2012 • Lecturer at the event "Het (on)verdraaglijke". With Geert Goiris.
2011 • Debate with Jimmy Kets and Filip Claus, Gent.
2010 • Member of collective Photolimits’. With Franky Verdickt, Danny Veys, Titus Simoens, Rronny Smedts, Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Johannes Van de Voorde. (RIP 2015)
2010 • Lecturer and portfolio reviewer. CC Jacques, Brussels.
2008 • Founding member of collective ‘GUN’ with Jimmy Kets, Titus Simoens, Artur Eranosian, … (does not exist anymore)

2014 • Workshop with Broomberg & Chanarin, Antwerp.
2009 • Workshop with Charif Benhelima, Antwerp.
2005 • Graduation at the Academy of Arts, Photo art, Ghent, Belgium
2000 • Graduation as Construction Engineer, Ghent, Belgium

Selection of publications about Dieter De Lathauwer
2018 • Article in GUP (online) click here
2018 • Article in Camera Austria click here
2018 • Article in The Word Magazine "15 best Belgian photobooks according to the organizer of the Liège Photobook festival" (online) click here
2017 • Review in CPH click here
2017 • Review by Robin Titchener (best photobooks of 2017) click here
2017 • Review by Gabriela Cendoya. click here
2017 • Article in H-Art (art review magazine) click here
2017 • Best photobooks of 2017 according to Olmo Gonzalez click here
2017 • Article in De Standaard (I loved my wife)
2017 • Article in De Standaard, double interview with Carl De Keyzer (I loved my wife)
2017 • Article in La Libre Belgique (I loved my wife)
2016 • Article in the bimonthly magazine "Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen", Oct-Nov edition, 6 pages.
2014 • Landscape Stories 15/2014 - Mountains issue. (online) click here
2013 • De Standaard. Newspaper, a two page article on the Nightlife series.
2013 • Humo. Weekly magazine. Short article about Nightlife.
2012 • Shoot Magazine, printed issue. click here
2012 • Landscape Stories 12.023 - River issue. (online) click here
2011 • Urbanautica Phototalk with Dieter De Lathauwer. (online) click here
2011 • Unless you will Magazine Issue 15. (online) click here
2010 • Catalogue Canvascollectie (print)
2010 • Catalogue A horse with no name (print)
2009 • Separate stories (online). click here

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