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It didn’t take me long to realize the escape, once again, wouldn’t work

Regular edition.
Get yourself a copy of my latest dark and intimate book to see it, feel it and smell it.
All copies bought via this webshop are signed by  myself for free.  
Drop me a message if you want to have it personalized or dedicated to someone special.

Regular edition with print.
There is also a special edition which is the regular edition and including a museum quality pigmented inkjetprint on beautiful Japanese Kozo paper. Homeprinted and signed.
Limited edition of 40.
Drop me a note if you want to have it dedicated to someone special or if it is for a special occasion.

Artist edition.
I am currently  making a precious  artist edition. This one comes with 10 home-made pigmented inkjetprints on japanese paper - tipped in the book, black asian ink drawings and notes, textual interventions  and a handmade leather coverjacket. The jacket is from Atelier Liesbeth Verhelst who collaborated
with an organisation empowering local female artisans in Kenya, Africa. 

Edition of 12 copies. Seven sold, five available.  

SELECTED FOR les Rencontres de la photographie Arles in the Belgian selection of 50 photobooks of the past three years.

Review: art couch

Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche, owner of the photobookcollection at San Telmo Museum San Sebastian,  “How do we accept failure, how can you escape from an island? Beautiful new book by dieterdelathauwer published by Void. Mute, oppressive and poetic, the escape is in how we look inside ourselves within the landscape.’

Dimensions: 16,5 × 20,5 cm
Pages: 96
Photography & concept: Dieter De Lathauwer
Design: Joao Linneu & Dieter De Lathauwer
Thanks to Ola Sondena for the marbled paper. 
Printing: MAS
Edition: 500 (of which only 250 through this website)
Prepress: Colour & Books

Published by VOID
Distribution via IDEA books.

Selection of bookshops:
UK Photobookstore
Spain Dispora
Belgium Tipi
Denmark Fragment
Japan Post

Print of the special edition:

Nightlife (artist book)

All copies bought via this webshop can be signed by me for free.

22 x 28 cm  • offset printed • irregular accordeon fold slided in cover • 24 pages • 15 images.

Total edition of 250, all numbered. First 69 are the luxury edition and come with a print in folder and white silkscreened sleeve.

Photography & concept: Dieter De Lathauwer
Design: Nick Lambrecht
Printing: Stevens Print

Language: Dutch

Self-Published in 2013.
ISBN 9789082121704

poster / booklet
sold out

I loved my wife (killing children is good for the economy)

All copies bought via this webshop can be signed by me for free.

*award winning book (Unseen Award, shortlisted for Arles Photobook Award, ...)
*included in Photobook Belge, reference work on the history of the Belgian photobook

Pages: 120
Dimensions: 195 x 250 mm, softcover

Photography: Dieter De Lathauwer

Design: Dieter De Lathauwer & Nick Lambrecht
Texts: J. Naudts, Dr. E. Thys, Dr. H. Czech

Published by Lecturis on 1st of March, 2017

Language: English



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